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fashion unfiltered: Welcome to #WhatImWearingWednesday with our EIC, @Lady_KKZ. “Last week, I took a workout class with @repettoparis and brand ambassador, #ballet #dancer@jujuonther0cks. Naturally, I thought this would be the perfect occasion to break out the #Repetto #tutu I recently picked up in Paris, which I usually wear with fishnets, combat boots, a leather jacket, and a bowler hat. I was not prepared for how tough Julie’s class would be and quickly started tearing off sweat-drenched layers (like the classic @normakamali truban-cum-headband seen here) while jumping and plié-ing and generally trying not to fall over. The class was amazing (especially because I was rewarded with #champagne), but perhaps not the best occasion for this tulle-heavy look. On a related note, with the holidays coming up, I felt compelled to ask Julie (who taught in some deeply practical workout tights and a tank, and didn’t even break a sweat while gliding through the moves) how dancers stay so fit during the festive season. “Always keep moving, no matter what! As dancers, we always stay active in some way.” So go ahead, drink that #eggnog, but maybe try some jetes at the same time. #WIWW @karlaotto@pommeryusa 📷 @wbuckleydotcom


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