How to sustain healthy habits beyond January

1. Don't go too fast too hard

Most often, we start January very motivated and full of good intentions. We work out everyday without giving our body time to adapt, and we end up exhausted or, even worse, injured.

Give your body the time to adapt to your new routine: start slow and steady, and don't put too much pressure on yourself !

2. Baby steps

Workouts should feel challenging but manageable.

If you aren't used to working out, you might not want to start with a 45min Ballerina Body® training class. How about a 20min Morning Flow ? You don't want to get up in the morning and feel like your workout is a mountain to climb.

I always say "the first step is the most important of all", so make your routine manageable. You will feel proud of yourself for every baby step you take, making it more likely you will keep going.

3. Make it feel nice

There are so many ways to do that. Maybe by shoping for a new workout outfit that makes you feel sexy, or workout props that make you feel prepared. Or it could be by placing your mat near your radiator before you go to bed, so when you wake up to do one of my Livestream or On Demand classes, it's nice, warm, and inviting.

When you feel comfortable and have the proper material, your workouts will feel much nicer !

4. Do less, achieve more

If you take my livestream classes, you've probably heard me say that 5 minutes a day is better than 0 minute a day.

Many think that only hour-long workouts are efficient, that's totally false! It's better to workout 10min a day, 6 days a week than 1 time a week for 3 hours in a row !

Remember, such as with many other things in life,

Consistency > Quantity

5. Give yourself time

Once you get used to working out several times a week, you need to keep doing so for a minimum amount of time for you to be able to say you've created a habit. While studies says it takes at least 66 days to form a habit, my opinion is: it takes about 3 months !

The first 3 weeks are to get used to the routine

The next 3 weeks are usually needed to start showing results

The next 3 weeks after that require effort from you to show you really want it. That's the "make it break it" part of the process.

The last 3 weeks are where the magic happens !

So whether it's Livestream, On Demand, or with my Lean.Toned.Strong, personalized 3-month program, give yourself those 90 days ! I promise you won't regret it

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