New Year, new resolutions: How to set realistic goals (and reach them) for 2022

The new year is a good time for us to reset and start anew. However, we all make the same mistake: we set too many unattaineable goals at once, and that gets us so discouraged that we can't even make it to succeed at one of our resolutions !

Just like I'm a big believer in short and doable to-do lists, the same goes for New Year resolutions.

So below are my suggestions on how to set realistic goals and to set yourself up for success

Instead of: "I want to lose weight"

Try: "I want to get stronger"

This is the most common New Year resolution of all. But weight fluctuates for a number of reasons, and it isn't the best indicator of health. Instead, how about becoming stronger ? Maybe you manage to hold a plank or a Utkatasana longer, maybe you can do one more pushup, or maybe you incorporate Ballerina Body Training® into your routine, even though you tend not to like cardio.

These things are all easily measurable, and they will imotivate you to keep pushing when the going gets rough.

With that mindset, you'll see that weight loss will be a natural byproduct !

Instead of: "I want to workout everyday"

Try: "I want to create sustainable workout habits"

This is also a common resolution. However, it is one that is almost impossible to keep, because, well: life !

So instead, try to create a reasonable and sustainable fitness routine, and stick to it !

I suggest that every Sunday, you set up your workout schedule for the week ahead.

For instance:

- I will take 1 Livestream class on Monday and one on Wednesday

- I will do a 30-min On Demand workout on Tuesday and Friday

- I will do a short 10-min workout on Thursday and Saturday

- Sunday will be my rest day

This is also why I created The Studio + : it allows you to workout whenever it makes more sense to you, according to your schedule and the variety guarantees that you can always find a workout that fits your needs

Instead of "I want to eat healthier"

Try "I want to eat mindfully"

This famous resolution is often forgotten about because we set up guidelines that are way too strict, almost impossible to follow.

So instead of saying you will cut ALL carbs (no one believes you!) , maybe try to incorporate one healthy meal at a time.

For instance:

Every morning, I eat cookies. Well maybe I will decide to make a healthy smoothie on Fridays, and to start my day this way once a week.

If you have the tendency to eat out 4 times a week, start by making it 3 before thinking about making it once.

Again, it's all about setting REALISTIC GOALS

This year, I will be sharing healthy recipes and creating special programs to help you change your habits in an (almost) seamless way

Stay tuned and Happy New Year !


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