"Julie has changed my life. I was away from the gym for a long time after a surgery and thought I would never be as strong as I used to be. Julie's classs reminded me how strong I am."           

 Candace Leone, Equinox 

"Julie is fantastic. I always walk away from her class feeling

refreshed and ready for my day!"                          

Grace Lee, Youtube

"My Brain tumor tried to take everything but Julie taught me to be strong. She boosted my self-esteem and I have now found a purpose in life. It is so rewarding. Julie, keep inspiring the world" 

Helen Harrichand Holder, Equinox

"Julie's classes are exceptional"


Morii Shigeki, The Ritz Plaza

"Julie always inspire me both physically and mentally. And her positive energy is contagious - one class and you'll be hooked!"

Amelia Lindberg, Equinox

" Julie is a force of nature; kind, funny, motivating, and an incredible yoga, barre, and bootcamp instructor. Her classes are always the highlight of my week!"

Erika Rose, Equinox

"Julie's morning class has become the best way I know to start my day!"   

Graham Nelson, Citigroup

"Julie is a truly generous, patient,

knowledgeable and most educational instructor"            


Gloria J Leone, Citigroup

"I love Julie Granger. Not only is she a fantastic teacher, she is kind, caring, and incredibly compassionate"

Tami Coyne, Spiritual Coach

Germana Gioglio, Educational Alliance

"Julie has so much positive energy to share!"              

Sigal Greenberg, Life Coach

"Yoga with Julie is an hour of heavenly bliss"       

"Julie's positive, kind, and nurturing nature coupled with her exceptional knowledge and willingness to challenge her students is something you will take beyond the studio.
Julie makes you a better person"

Fernando Mateo Jr, Actor